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Here’s another question. Would it kill high school students to be, I don’t know, POLITE and RESPECTFUL?

I pulled into a parking spot at my daughter’s high school, but it wasn’t a pretty moment. Actually it was a bit of a noisy operation as I heard my front tire squeal in objection, pulling a tad big too close to the curb as I turned in. I was not centered in my spot, but I was straight. A fact I was reminded of when I eventually pulled out of the parking stall. Straight is what mattered, and I most certainly wasn’t blocking anyone out of his or her vehicle to my right.

And still it seems I ruined some young lass’s home time. She was cursing as she walked between our two vehicles with her backpack strapped on, banging her water bottle the passenger door of my van in the process. And you bet I heard her calling me a bitch, she didn’t restrain her voice. And then she continued to complain to her friends heading to their own vehicles as she goes around to the other side of her SUV to get in from the passenger side. Ah, a wee bit of overkill? Drama queens. Gotta love ‘em.

Yes, I did get her licence plate number. Alberta registration. Wonder how long they’ve been in BC without getting new registration for this province? Should I file a complaint? To who? Would they even care? Someone might care if they have been in BC for more than three months and got caught… But not the authorities, I was sure of that. I’ve witnessed stupid road rage in high school parking lots before, and a lot worse than this. This was not of the same calibre, but I wanted to stand up for myself, and show this not-quite-a-child-any-longer but not-yet-a-grown-woman that it’s really not that cool to act in such a manner. In fact it’s quite immature. After all, one day she would need to learn to be respectful and responsible. Hell, one day she may even have kids of her own. What kind of role model will she be for them.

But it wasn’t my job to parent her. It did, however, get me thinking about this thing called “allowing”. Again. It’s been something I’ve been allowing and mentally working through for quite some time.

Allowing what? Allowing others to walk all over me? To let them have control over me? To let them take advantage of me? No. Allowing has nothing to do with another person at all!

Allowing is about one person alone. That’s the one peeking back at me when I look into the mirror. Allowing is so simple. And allowing is the most difficult thing to get a grasp on for the human. And I’m still walking “human” a lot it seems.

When one is ready to let go of controlling a situation and simply trusting, one is ready for allowing. No control. No drama. No uneasy feeling inside at all. No listening to what others say you should do. No reacting because it’s what others say is best.

It’s a tough place to be, this place of allowing. It can be very difficult because others around us will want to get their say in, their way in, dictate from their filters. That’s when the battle with the mind gets stronger, even once a decision is made to allow. Once that choice is made, suddenly all the creepy crawlies from past experiences and even self-empowerment books will come and say we’re doing it all wrong.

This itself is a journey. We choose to allow. Congratulations. We even win some battles with friends and family. Kudos. This process is one I think we should call a practice. You know, like the joke about doctors having a medical practice because they’re still learning, getting it right… Allowing is a pathway of practice. But with each time we just rest in allowing the stronger we get.

And this strength, again, is not mental or human in any way. This strength is found somewhere deeper. That’s why people on the outside see it as a weakness, perhaps, because they can’t see the blossoming occuring within us. Sure, some say they can. Even most intuitives don’t feel into the pureness of of the soul as they will sense things with their own filters. This is never about them anyway. And here is another opportune area we can practice allowing.

So how can we tell when we are truly in allowing? Let’s find another word for this to gain some insight. Freedom. Allowing and freedom are both truly attitudes. It’s where we find ourselves once we have truly forgiven ourselves for the lack that is in truth impossible, because One is our core essence. And within One there can not be any lack of any kind. It’s when we are at a place without need for controlling anything, that simple trust that it all comes to us, already and always. It’s the freedom we feel when there is nothing hanging over us, and there is no need to defend ourselves because defensive measures simply aren’t in our experience of living.

Sound like something only a yogi or monk can achieve? I can’t answer for them, but I do know that it’s really nothing to achieve at all. Allowing is who we are. That is, before we succumbed to humanity’s ways of absence and imprisonment. Or should I say, surrendered our divine freedom in order to be accepted, safe, supported, and all from the outside.

True, these things can be very important to the human trying to survive. But our priorities are all screwed up. And trying to climb up the rungs by way of carrying others and their possessions (beliefs) on our backs will only break us and bring us more struggle, something that is foreign to our very essence. That was never the way it was meant to be.

Allowing feels like you are the centre of the universe. Guess what. You ARE! I invite you to see yourself, right now, as your universe. That’s it. There is no one else. There is nothing holding your back or tethering your down. There is only you. Sense that. Let every one of your pre-determined beliefs be free for a while, just let them wonder on their own – they won’t go far I promise – and feel into your sole solidarity. Your Oneness. Feel yourself floating on a calm sea of Love, of trust, of absolute Being-ness. You lack for nothing in this state. Everything comes to you as you conceive the thought of it. Why? Because it’s already there. It is already part of you. How awesome is this Light-ness? There is only joy and bliss and peace and fullness.

Sit in this energy for as long as you want. This is yours. It’s not something I conjured up with my words. What you are feeling is what your state of allowing feels like in this moment. And it’s pretty simple.

And then enters those beliefs, and other humans. Life does continue. Challenges are relentless. Lessons are tough and memories are dug up from the ashes, at least until we are in a constant state of allowing, an endless awareness of our essence.

I won’t pretend I have it. I struggle daily. I’ve had awesome highs, and some great lows with many tears and frustrated discussions with friends that have transcended to deeper levels of allowing already. I am thankful for these people in my life for they urge me on. Those levels don’t look like anything strong or powerful to others, but then that doesn’t matter. It’s not their experiential journey. And theirs isn’t mine. And that’s a basic place to begin with your allowing. Allow yourself to just be in your free state of being, one experience at a time.

Allowing is a backbone of awakening to who we are on the flip side of this human identity. Take the plunge. Trust your Self. Trust your universe to take you deeper than you’ve ever gone before into Soul essence.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how far or how close we park from others’ vehicles, they will always play the power game until they allow themselves also. What we do in the quiet of our sacred hearts ripples out to the other souls sharing this same dimension. Yet, they are not why we are here. Not initially. So be all you are, and allow all you are.

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It’s Christmas. Yes, the general heart-felt greetings have been given and received, but this year I feel somewhat distant to the usual festivities. I don’t mean I’m a bah-humbug scrooge. On the contrary. The spirit of joy and giving and happiness is strong. As is the sense of newness and birthing the new which is traditionally about New Years celebrations. But this year to me the high voltage doorway was the Winter Solstice. And I mean High Voltage.

The energies of us all walking through this doorway of December 21 have certainly created a strong and tangible shift that has been felt by many. And while it’s very early Christmas Day here in Canada, the “reason for the season” isn’t the guiding force for me. Rather it’s the Christ Consciousness that we have all entered into together in a new and fantastic way.

The day after this Solstice was a very difficult one for me. I awoke feeling great. Not excited, but not achy or grouchy or even in a funk. Yet, it wasn’t long until I was met with other people and their dramas, and I began to absorb the energies around me like a sponge. An naive sponge.

If you don’t know what I mean by this, think about a party you have waiting all day for, gotten ready for, and now you’ve arrived all raring to join your friends and have a great time. Only, when you walk through the door your best friend is chumming with someone you don’t know, and you can hear others talking rather loudly in sarcastic tones. The bar tender doesn’t want to be working tonight and his mannerisms show it. A fight breaks out and soon people are pushing and shoving each other. Are you still excited to be there? Are you still feeling the rush of a good time? No, probably not. The energy in the room has changed and you are beginning to take it on. You have become a sponge. And you shove back.

Well, that was me the day after Solstice. I was slammed with this chaotic, angry, and confused energy, and I couldn’t shake it. I didn’t even know where it came from. In fact, it was half way through the day before I realized this wasn’t my energy or my issue at all, but truly the perplexed energies of the old world as if blindsided on its way out and reacting in fear. But by that time I was so invested in the anger and drama I couldn’t even find my way to the exit if I wanted to. I let it roar through me. But I was also acknowledging what was happening on some level, and that’s when I realized it was the mess of energies from the shift.

Breathing with my Self and choosing to release this funk helped but only to a certain degree. At some point I chose to continue to just let it be. I truly understood it wasn’t mine now, however. And throughout the evening I felt it releasing gradually.

The next day was so much better. But I felt like I’d been knocked over with a wrecking ball emotionally. Even my hubby noticed it in the energies on his iPhone gaming communities. Lots of anger and rage. It was interesting to feel this first hand and know it wasn’t mine, and yet be utterly drowning in it. The short wall is such a wonderful place to remain, watching from a distance what is going on without being personally and emotionally involved. That wasn’t my experiencing this time though.

As things shift even more I know we’ll see and feel these energies in stronger and more dramatic ways. And here I don’t mean traumatic but obvious and deliberate. The day before Christmas Eve was a whole new ballgame. It was fabulous. The energies were much different, and no doubt because of my awareness to them and my choice to remain true to myself again. But there had also been a shift “in the air” that I couldn’t ignore.

It was a great reminder that we are energy movers. There was a tendency at first for me to hold the energy in and claim it as mine. Oh, I did that and I wasn’t a happy camper! But once I could allow the energies to move and transmute within and through me, things began to change. And in hindsight I am honored to have served humanity in this way, though next time I think I’ll choose an easy task. ☺

So as we come together with family and friends in celebration, feel into the gathered energies. For the more sensitive this is vitally important. Feel into them and sense firstly if the vibrations are of love and unity or of fear and discord. Next, if they do not resonate with the energy of your Soul, know that these energies are not yours. Of course, it is your choice. We do not need to accept anything that disturbs peace and unconditional Love. But we can be there allowing our Love to resonate, allowing the Standard of our Truth to be there for others to gravitate to, physically or energetically.

We’ve crossed a threshold that was prophesied by the Mayans and many more ancient groups around the world. We have crossed over from the old age into the new world. There will be much shifting to come but it will become easier and easier, especially for us that are aware of how our consciousness is changing.

In the spirit of the season, be there to encourage, breathe with and share Love with one another. This isn’t to walk through the doors of change for them, but to be there with them, perhaps on the other side holding out our hand. I speak metaphorically of course, and there may be things we can physically do to assist, but simply being in our integrity will be one of the greatest gifts for others beginning to awaken now.

And please remember this: If you feel run over with an old energy wrecking ball, be kind to yourself. Breathe your Soul back into your human angel body and allow the energies to move through you. Don’t make them comfortable, serving them coffee and cookies. Allow them to move on through, naturally and without effort or pain.

The doorway to the new way that we all long for is here. We’ve walked through it and we will all experience it differently according to our consciousness levels. We aren’t waiting for some magical New years Day to begin this newness. No, we are already here as there really is no magical day at all. This is exciting and can also be a little crazy at times. Let’s hold our hearts together as we go forward, but also remember that each of us is here, on this planet now, because we chose to be. And we have what it takes to make this shift and succeed.

In honor of each of you, I give you my love and gently push your out of the nest to fly.

And…Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. ☺

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It sneaked up on us a day earlier than usual this year, but it’s a lovely day here in Edmonton to celebrate the Summer Solstice.  It’s a time of sowing seeds and nurturing them, allowing them to grow and become abundant.  And in this time of abundant creativity, there is also a time for a great resetting of ourselves.

There has been much talk, many channels and lots of discussion around how our bodies, minds and emotions are getting a great overhaul, a reset, or as Kryon calls it a recalibration.  Even our DNA is resetting as I write these words and you are reading them.  We as a human species are in this very moment undergoing a special transformation.  We are welcoming our new bodies of Light and Spirit.

What does this mean?  It means that as we reset we may lose things we thought were “us”, the very fabric of who we thought we were.  We are in the process of letting go of belief systems that were set into place long ago by others, by our personal experiences, by the lessons of the past.  These beliefs that are holding us back are now being stripped away.  It can be a simple process, but the harder we hold on to these accepted ideas, the more difficult the cleanse will be.  After all, we can be a very stubborn race.  Some may be rolling their eyes and saying, again?  Yes, we will be cleansing and resetting until we are living our true essence in each and every moment.

It may not feel very spiritual at the outset, but the physical body is a very sacred part of us, and not separate form this great resetting.  It’s the body we chose to experience this time in Earth’s history, to be a part of the great moment of humanity’s awakening.  Bless this body of yours.

Over the last few years I have come to effort with, mistrust, doubt, trust again, like and finally love my own body.  Have you gone through a similar journey recently?  My body is not responding to what it used to through diet.  And I’ve changed it several times, as many of you know.  I had much success with the Blood Type diet in the past, but it did not work now.  I have tried raw foods, and gained weight.  Sure, the detoxes work in a mild remembrance of a great cleanse, but then as soon as I’m done I bloat and feel gross again.  And I finally got it.  My body isn’t simply rebelling on me.  It’s resetting itself.

We were out shopping for clothing at Good Will last weekend.  As my daughter was trying on some last minute clothes, I sauntered over to the book area just to see what they had.  I found a book called Master Your Metabolism by Jillian Michaels and felt a connection with it.  So I bought it.  I haven’t finished reading it yet, in fact I’m just done the first chapter.  Jillian she shares her own experiences, her love/hate relationship with food and exercise, and she is a real inspiration in the way she writes and you can feel her passion for this subject.  She really wants to help others.  But what really caught my attention was her promise to show me how to reset my body’s metabolism.  And I choose to be an active player in this resetting, pure, simple and effortless.  I know my body will no doubt take on its own direction but this is a starting point for me.

This year is all about resetting so I can go forward in abundance and bring into my life that which I consciously choose from a place of passion and love.  And this will come only through the release of the old and resetting the “programs” with the new.  No matter what the reset looks and feels like, or where the assistance comes from, it’s a gift I give myself.  I look forward to the new me.  Will you join me in this inward and outward journey?

You deserve the abundance that’s already within you.  You deserve to live the life of health, wealth and grace in every way.  Celebrate this Solstice with a gift to yourself.  Be present and consciously work with the resetting of your self, planting of a new you.  Nurture that new you with Love and allowance, beauty in all forms, laughter and Light.  And get ready for some new and fantastic abundance.

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