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For those of us that have already started walking the path of awareness, awakening, we know that everything that exists in our reality has one purpose. It is here purely for our enlightenment. This includes people, situations, “lessons”, feelings, beliefs, careers, etc. This includes conspiracies. Whether it’s about chemtrails, aliens, money, events or whatever, it’s there in your awareness to assist you with your enlightenment. I’ve been sitting with this for quite some time now, and feel this is the moment to share.

Here I have to say that if you have never found a conspiracy to enter into your life in any way, then you have not agreed to this way of opening up, raising your vibration. You have chosen other means. But for those of us that have, I will continue.

What is a conspiracy? Many people will first scream our “bunk” or “bullshit” or “lies to distract”, and it could in fact be this. I just Googled the word now, and found…”a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful”. Really? While this is the pure meaning of the word, it’s not accurate in this world anymore. That’s pulp culture, and need I add in fear-based. After all, it’s based on “conspire”, right? Okay, many conspiracies do succumb to this definition, but many are shared by whistle blowers. Who of us would not have wanted Edward Snowden to share what he knew? He was a “conspiratist”, one who raised the alarm bells and shared information. And he brought into public view some very pertinent information that has allowed many more beliefs and actions to be freed. But let’s take a step back.

Everything in our awareness has been put there by our Selves for the purpose of awakening, for uniting our entire Beingness in the body here and now.

So with everything I hear, see, feel, sense, I allow a deeper understanding to flow in through this gift, this vehicle of “conspiracy”. To do anything more human, like resist or fight a battle against it, is to throw the gift we’ve given ourselves in the trash bin.

There is a conspiracy, or idea, that we are living in a different reality than we used to. I’ve heard it called the Mandela Effect. This is where people remember things one way but by all means of searching and “proof” it’s never been that way here. The name sake example is that many of us, me included, remember Mandela dying many years ago while in prison. But in this reality he died only in 2013. Now, this could be faulty memory, or rumour based.

There is another name for this phenomenon. The Berenstein Effect. This one got me before I knew it was a “thing”. My kids read these books. We owned them. We read them together. I can see it in my mind’s eye, from the characters to the letters on the book covers. Then about seven or eight years ago I noticed something strange. The name was not Berenstein, as I would have bet money on, but Berenstain. A simple letter change, but was I losing my marbles? I figured I was remembering wrong and let it go.

Then I started to hear of other examples. Mandela being one. Oscar Meyer? No, Oscar Mayer – and this one still bothers me as I can “see” it spelled Meyer when I engage my memory. Sex AND the City. Interview with THE Vampire. These are some examples I have personally wondered about. And then I met the Mandela Effect “conspiracy”.

Why all these changes in the way I remember things? Well, as stated already it could be the way the brain/memory works. In fact, there is a burst of articles talking about just that in the recent few years, saying that our memories ARE faulty, and by design. Perhaps a way “they” are making this easier for us to swallow? LOL Anyway, the biggest reason whistleblowers out there are giving for this phenomenon is CERN and the Large Hadron Collider. It’s said that they’ve opened up a black hole and we’ve jumped into another time loop.

I know we ARE shifting timelines, as we shift our awareness and vibration. It’s a very natural process, and one that is both individual and collective. It’s something more metaphysical that’s flowing into the physical. Are the scientists at CERN trying to duplicate it and take us back to a timeline of war and fear? Or in an effort to save humanity? Or is there anything pertinent at CERN at all? It doesn’t matter.

The whole point of this is to say that there IS something happening. In me. An awareness that this conspiracy has helped open up. There was a day a while back when it was just obvious to me. If we have jumped a dimension, how is it that many of us are remembering things differently?

Ah, it’s consciousness. That’s the key and the lock itself. You know those moments you know something but can’t explain it? Well this is one. This body isn’t who I am. I am fully aware that this body is only a radio through which I receive signals and experiences things in. But the true essence of ME is not the body. How would I know if my body had changed by shifting a reality? I probably wouldn’t except for my conscious awareness. And again, many aren’t yet waking up to their consciousness, but as more and more of us are, so is mass consciousness This was the gift in this Mandela Effect moment for me. Bringing this understanding of consciousness from a mental believe to a true realization.

So with all this talk about transhumanism, which is another conspiracy to many, it’s the same concept. We are consciousness. It doesn’t matter if we are in a biologically created/evolved body or something that was created using schematics and lab instruments…hmmm things have come full circle. What has continued to be basic and foundational is our consciousness. It works with whatever body it has agreed to conjoin with.

And in this time we are in where many are awakening to their true essence, it’s even great in scope. We can be in perfect integration with the body now and fully awake in the Soul.

It’s not for us to toss aside things that show up on our radar simply because we don’t like to hear it. Unless we aren’t ready to receive. But when we are ready, there are some fantastic realizations and leaps in store.


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