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You know that moment when you either want to slap something silly or burst out laughing? Well, that’s what happened to me yesterday. I chose to laugh out loud. After all, hitting the object of my inspiration would have hurt me.

Ever wash dishes? Ever scrubbed them with a brush? Ever seen one of Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 4.15.22 PMthese little guys, that sit on your counter by way of a teeny tiny suction cup? I have fought with these things for ever! I don’t know if Ikea is the only supplier of such beasts, but this also didn’t come with a manual. I have tried wetting the surface, drying the surface, gently pushing down on the suction cup, and downright slamming it on the counter. The crazy little gizmo would look at me and say, “Nah, not gonna let you succeed.” And it would drop into the sink with a thud. Or worse, into a sink full of water, splashing me with water and hysterical enjoyment.

Well last night I used the brush, put it on the edge of the sink and do you know what it had the audacity to do? It fell, suction cup first, and ever so simply secured itself to the bottom of the rinse sink. Just like the last tumbler of a lock gliding smoothly into place, it stood there waiting for my response. Yeah, I had no option but to laugh at the little bugger.

My Dad was curious at what I was laughing about, and I told him. He picked up the scrubby buddy and just let go again, and that thing stood to attention again, not so much mocking me now. I was getting the message.

Why does it take a human so long to really shift into something new. Well, the shift is painless and instantaneous, but the little bit before when the mind is still struggling with letting go, the battle can seem eternal. Like my fight with the scrubber brush.

Again this is all about allowing. Not trying to force things to happen. Not controlling the outcome. Simply allowing and letting go. When we trust, the natural response happens effortlessly. Things just click into place, as they say, and the struggle is gone. Actually, the struggle has never existed.

Thought of the day:
I trust and allow myself to be exactly “where” and “when” appropriate to manifest into my reality all that I already am.

That may be a little abstract, but let it be. It’s the mind that needs to understand it, but the essential part of us already does.

By the way, it really does work. Just release. My new slogan.


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