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When I was going through my “new age” experiences I experimented with rocks and crystals as all good metaphysical girls do. I used their energies for healing and even slept with them under my pillow, hoping they’d increase my dream recall. Many years later, I have now put aside that aspect of crystals, though I still own many specimens and simply love them for their beauty.

Recently my husband came home from a trip with a new crystal for his collection. He is enjoying his experiences with the rock and gem world, and occasionally asks me to read them. Surprisingly, I now have some very interesting conversations with rocks. This crystal he came home with is a simple quartz wand on a leather necklace. While I was enjoying a foot rub I closed my eyes and focused on this rock.

Immediately I saw the inside of a large library, its walls lined with shelves of books from floor to ceiling. As all romantically beautiful libraries can boast, this one had a sliding ladder for easy access to all the resident books, and I could almost imagine this crystal as an animated character hanging onto the ladder, sliding and searching for one book or another. I knew the rock was a record keeper and as such was a doorway to the Akashic Records. So I tried it out, figured I’d see if this doorway could tell me more about a lifetime I had as a Pythia at Delphi.

Sure enough the crystal lost no time in sharing with me things from my time as a Pythia in the temple of Apollo. My name was Syrna, and I was a relatively young Priestess, when the Pythia were typically aged thirty and older. While the story unfolded bringing me insight to that lifetime and beyond, my point in bringing this up isn’t to share the story.

For the reader who may not know, the Pythia were Priestesses of Apollo at Delphi, in Greece. They were the oracles who received messages from the god Apollo, influenced by intoxicating vapors coming up from a crack in the floor where she sat. Recorded history of that time is full of kings and leaders who could afford the price to bend the god’s ear, hoping to receive a favourable word of prophecy from the oracle.

So what does this history have to do with us today? Nothing and everything. We are at a breaking point, a split in our realities, where we must of necessity close the door to the need for a Pythia. We are about to step into our authentic power with all the wisdom and connection we need without going to a source outside of ourselves. In other words, we are growing up, and maturing into the divine Human Angels that we are essentially. This is a sign of our awakening.

As we step over this threshold we are confronted with many attacks on our personal authority. The first and perhaps strongest is our doubt.  We have placed our trust in others for so long that we have forgotten to listen to our own soul’s wisdom. Yes, there are channels I still listen to and enjoy as I resonate with them. But I also am fully aware that my own time of channeling brings much richness to my life. I am on a journey of learning to listen to my inner truths. My own battle with doubt plays out in this area all the time, whether I’m sitting down and channeling or receiving a word in a moment of inspiration. We habitually seek outside confirmation. The antidote to such doubt is to trust ourselves implicitly. The innate wisdom we have is in perfect alignment with who and where we are in each moment. There is no need to look elsewhere.

While the Pythia of old were influenced by the intoxicating fumes, or breath, from inside Mount Parnassus, we only need rely on our own precious breath. This is truly a gift that we take for granted time and time again. Yet it is a link for us between being grounded in our bodies and expanded into our higher essence at the same time. Without the breath we live only half the life we are capable of. And knowing it is a priceless tool in connecting with our perfect inner wisdom, why ignore that it is available for us? Take in a precious, conscious breath in this moment now, for you.

Not surprisingly, the Pythian messages came in a jumble of mixed images and words that didn’t always form coherent thoughts. However, this is where the Priest would step in and interpret the words of Apollo. That’s why he was paid the big bucks. Today, there is no need for others to interpret our words. Our wisdom is for ourselves, and allowing others to re-interpret through their filters can cause more confusion than it’s worth. Likewise, if we’re giving a message to another, it is their interpretation that is the potent piece, not ours. Trusting ourselves to release a message to another is maturity on a spiritual level as well.

One final thought on being the new Pythia is that we are God. We are Divinity. There is no God outside of ourselves that has any piece of the puzzle we are missing. Still, at times we can miss what’s right in front of our eyes. Energy is all around us willing and eager to serve. Perhaps a book, a song, or our friend across the world will have a word to share that helps open our eyes to see what’s right there. Like the Priestesses of Apollo, there was never just one. There was always a small group of Pythia at any one time, all in service to each other, especially to the one chosen by the Priest to be the oracle at any one time. The others were there to assist her in preparations and whatever she needed for the task at hand. We, too, are never alone. Though we are sovereign beings, we are supported at all times. In fact, because we are sovereign we are supported.

As we forge ahead in these new times, new energies, be reminded to trust yourself. Sometimes the oracle received no message. At times her message was filled with so much confusion the Priest couldn’t interpret it. Still, the Pythia continued to serve, and the people continued to come. It was a time of necessary depending on others to get to where the ancients were heading. Today we have surpassed their journey and are walking a new path. We are now being called to trust our own wisdom and be our own oracles. It’s a journey of learning to lean on your own wisdom without second-guessing. There will certainly be times we fall short of what we expect but that’s part of our re-learning our own truths.

Where we’re headed affords no room for doubt. There is no room for relying on others before ourselves. It’s time now to be sovereign. It’s time now to become your own Master. It’s time now to be Love and Light. As we walk into this new dimension of living, I leave you with this…  We ARE walking into a new dimension of living, one that we perhaps only hoped for when we came into this lifetime. We have done a fantastic job.

Breathe that in.


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