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As a pioneer of consciousness, I have been involved with many New Energy spiritual groups over the past number of years. My beginnings in this life were of a religious nature, which have enabled me to see and FEEL the differences in energy and growth, both that of Myself and the world around me. I have been certified in numerous healing modalities, but my focus NOW is on being a Guide and Facilitator of Awakening. Through the Crimson Circle I am a certified SES and Aspectology Teacher as well, providing a safe space for others during these adventures into a part of Themselves. Through my writing I have shared a bit of my earlier journey into Ascension through poetry. You can find "Letters to Home" at www.lulu.com, www.amazon.com as well as www.crimsoncircle.com. I am a Conscious Being living in a world of illusion to experience Expressions of my Godself. I am God and you are as well. Let's enjoy this journey together...

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