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My son just turned 22, and it shocked him a little. He looked at his birthday card from us and stopped to ask, “I’m really 22?”. It brough out smiles and laughter, as we sat back with full bellies. He helped me make pizzas for his birthday dinner with the family. Yes, from scratch. We had lots of fun with the dough.

Oh, I love making bread and this was an actual pizza dough recipe we were using, not my usual “just throw this in, that in” kind of job. So it was thicker than my normal dough so I knew it was going to be awesome for pizza. We let the dough rise once and then punched the hand-sized balls down. I put them in sandwich bags to chill overnight till we needed them the next day. I like to be prepared

I took the last two balls of bagged dough and headed to the fridge. Eeeek. There is dough oozing out of the baggies. Not through the zipped top, though. No. The dough created its own escape routes. Some bags had many holes of different sizes. It was rather humorous to me, but then I wondered if we’d need to make more dough.

Quick. Think. Freeze the dough. I oiled and piled the dough balls onto a tray and double-wrapped it all up, and made the trip to the freezer. Whew. Crises averted. I  check up on them a couple hours later. They had risen in the freezer and were still soft. Perhaps I rolled my eyes a little, but I know I took a deep breath and just walked away smiling, letting them freeze. It would all work out. I’d take them out to thaw about 2am. And it did all work out. Beautifully, and deliciously.

There are no lessons in life for the Master, but this was a fantastic reminder of who we are. Yes, we’re dough. Our purest form is like dough. And it’s a natural expression of our doughiness to expand. Now, here’s where the interesting thing happens, the thing that consumes us until we realize we don’t need to worry about it.

We have this body that seems dense and very solid to us. It’s not pliable like dough. It’s rather rigid and tries to constrict our doughiness like the sandwich baggies were doing. There is resistance from the bag, our humanness, that tries to fence in our doughiness, to keep it contained. Many of us are feeling this constriction right now where our bodies/humanness and our aware beingness are coming together. There can be a resistance that’s felt as our bodies respond to the expansion of who-we-are. And that can sometimes bring physical issues that we don’t want, like the baggies being popped open like swiss cheese.

What to do? Breathe. Oh, those little balls of zipped up dough were breathing! And they broke through, allowing for their expansion. But as a Master we don’t knead, sorry, need to bust through our physical bodies to be who we really are. Just allowing our light bodies to work with our physical bodies will ease the process. No barriers. No resistance. Allowing all parts of us to ease into this new expansion together.

The light body is something new for most of us, and we’re still learning/remembering that it is ours and how to be with it. But in this doughy allegory it’s like placing the balls of dough on an oiled tray with plastic wrap and foil put around it. It allows for expansion by nature. There is no force, no holding-in, and certainly no need to force our way through to expand. There’s a natural resilience and allowance. It’s all working together perfectly, acknowledging who-we-are to breathe in our expansion.

I hope you enjoyed this funny little experience with me. In the end the pizza we created was wonderful, truly worth all the drama and coming back to the simplicity of just allowing it to expand. Like our journey of Mastery. Just let it happen, without force or restriction, and our expansion is a very pleasant thing. And satisfying. Bon Appetit.


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