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Oh…The Distractions!

Remember me?   Well, some of you did and have asked where I’ve been.  I know this blog has been very quiet lately, but I also know that quiet doesn’t reflect the rush of activity that’s been going on in any of our lives!

Since June I’ve been involved in a year-long program called Keahak.  Some of you may know what this is.  For those that don’t, Keahak is more a concept reported to have come from the times of Lemuria.  The combination of the two words kea and hak meaning “spirit in action” or “energy in action” holds the potential of you re-merging with You, and bringing your divinity and humanness together in a new and awesome way.   This program is truly what you make of it personally.  What you put in you’ll get out of it.  And for these first three months it’s been very interesting, challenging, and liberating for me.

Who wouldn’t want to shed this limiting body with all its aches and pains and illnesses for a new one?  Who wouldn’t choose to be able to choose something and then see it manifest “before your eyes”?  And who wouldn’t want to life fulfilled and empowered and whole?  Well, it is possible, and on every level.  That’s part of what the Keahakers have been experiencing.  We are preparing our bodies and minds to receive higher “doses” of Light and Energy.  Yes, I see this as a path we all are walking, and those who are consciously doing so are feeling and expressing it more.  It is truly that choice that is bringing in the potentials to shift and blend all that we are into One.

I wanted to take this moment now to share something with you that has been re-emerging in my life recently.  This is the simple insight – It truly is all distraction.   Life is a distraction.  When we are on the path of enlightenment or awakening, we come to a choice.  It isn’t a conscious one, but a choice that is inevitable.  It seems that we are naturally brought to the place where we have to choose between living in the Light or in the Dark.  One exposes and the other hides, neither are to be feared.  It’s simply a choice.  Are we okay with following the crowd (and that would also include any guru, teacher, or new age or religious group/philosophy) and growing in a pre-determined manner?  Or do we want more?  Do we choose to go farther down that rabbit hole and get lost so we can find ourselves in a way that may not make sense to others on the Path? 

There is no judgment between how much or how little we dedicate to this Journey.  The challenges, however, are in the amount of distractions we will experience along the way.  And the amount of distraction, it seems, is directly related with how dedicated we are to that Journey.  In other words, what I’ve found is that the more I go inside and work on my connection between the Divine and the Human Jody, the more irritating and perplexing this human life becomes.  Can anyone say “sensitive”? And it then begins to take my attention from my One-ness and places it on the chaos and irrationality of every-day life.  It threatens to take away my balance and bliss.  That is a potential.  Distractions.

It’s not really a dichotomy, living in both worlds.  In fact, it actually is our natural state to be Divine Humans.  But life is so full of distractions – the needs and screams of family, financial obligations, health, drama… and they become bigger and seemingly more ornery the deeper we choose our focus to be on the more spiritual part of ourselves. 

So this is the issue.  And is there a solution?  You bet.  As always, enjoy that luscious conscious breath.  Lose yourself in it regularly.  It truly is a lifeline to your Spirit.  As an added bonus,  drink water as well.  This helps to flush out the old energies that we’re releasing – great on a physical and metaphysical level.  Also, maintain your balance in the dance between the worlds.  This is my task currently, finding my balance.  There will be treasure box of unlimited ways each of us will find to maintain our balance.  Finding that place of joy and passion, and free-falling into it, is a necessity.  It may have many faces and flavors, and enjoy each one of them! 

Make a new rule for yourself.  Make time out of each and every day to indulge in your passions.  And take time out for yourself.  We all know this one, but it’s still not something I do regularly and perhaps you’re like me as well.  If your body is needing rest, sleep.  If you feel like getting some physical activity, go for a walk or head for the gym.  Soak in a bath full of suds and bubbles.   Enjoy that bottle of wine you’re beem keeping for a special occasion (you are that occasion).  Buy that paint you’ve been wanting to color your room in a new hue, one that reflects who you are today.  Go for a coffee date with a friend, or with yourself.  You get the idea.

Make this time.  It’s crucial.  It will bring these distractions of life back into a place of balance with who you truly are, and you will again be in charge of your experiences.  Distractions are only illusions.  The magic in Life is when we realize we aren’t.



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