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Holy Toledo!  It’s only the sixth of the month and already July is off the charts!  So much has been happening in my world this last number of weeks, so much activity keeping the mind and body stimulated.  There has been much movement on many levels touching my life and those around me.  And yet in the midst of it all I remain unmoved, unshaken. Most of the time.

And then there is that fraction of the time when I lose it.  I completely crumble in the presence of my sanity, in the presence of others, proving yet again that I am human after all.  And it’s okay.  I have come to the place in my belief in myself that I am perfectly the Being that I Am.  Plain and simple.  I have nothing to prove to another.  I have every blessing and gift in myself that I could ever need or want.  And every expression that I feel and participate in is another little sliver of Me coming home.

In all that we are experiencing it is of utmost importance to allow.  Allow it all, whether each situation bears the label good or bad.  Free it of any mark, and allow yourself to feel it intimately.  Get into the bones and sinew of the experience.  It’s only when we do this that we come out on the other side of it with a deeper appreciation for ourselves, and even more compassion for those near and dear to us…or sometimes not so dear.  It honestly doesn’t matter. 

We can get so caught up in the right things to say, the correct ways to act, and heaven forbid we shake and stir up the “can” and toss you-know-what to the fan for redistribution.  This year is half over and it’s time we grew up.  Utterly trust your response to all the energies that are bombarding us now.  Trust.  Accept.  Feel into it all from your grounded and expanded space, and place no judgment on it.  I could almost bet you each situation will be different and there will be no one way to handle it every time.  But don’t send me wagers in the mail.  I’ll just make my way back to the islands.  J  Simply trust you and your body’s perfect guidance system. 

It’s time we stopped tip-toing through the tulips and start stomping on the graves.  Inside these graves is where we’ve buried and hidden from ourselves such things as our conscience, soul memory, and our precious, empowering voice.  Many of us have been working for decades on digging these priceless parts of us out from their tombs while others are just beginning to discover these gifts within them.  It really doesn’t matter when this journey began.  It is not a race.  However, the finish line is within sight and we’re almost there crashing through that glorious red ribbon. 

Still, we haven’t arrived here without turmoil and resistance.  Nor has the road been bordered solely with flowers and cupcakes.  Where we are today, in this moment, as the human race, we have achieved by waking up.  You know how flustering it is to wake from a dream of bliss with the annoying buzzer blasting in your ears.  Well, it’s time to stop hitting that snooze button and get the coffee on.  Let’s make the most of what remains of 2012 – not that it’s a magical year or anything.  But this is where we find ourselves today.  Our now is waiting for us to find our genuine soul and bring it into our lives. 

The madness of the world around us isn’t going to ease up any time soon.  As the old ways are struggling to make sense of the new, we ourselves are finding our new voices over the shouts of the deep-rooted beliefs that have held humanity captive for so long.  It’s our standing up and yelling into the wind our own versions and expressions that will bring freedom to ourselves, to people globally.  We may not know the right things to say immediately.  We may in fact follow what we think is expected before we remember what we really mean to share with the world.  No mistakes.  No regrets. 

Just trust and allow.  It’s all in perfection.  And remember, perfection isn’t without what we’d call flaws or blemishes.  Like a Van Gogh, we can’t appreciate the work of art from an inch away from the canvas.  That only creates a mess of shapes and colours, blurred together in our judgment of what should be.  It’s only when we back ourselves away and view the entire thing as a whole that we see the beauty and artistry that was created.  

We are all being touched by the shifting energies now, either directly or indirectly.  Forget fearing what it may bring.  It’s time to be Standards, Stewards.  Raise that banner of your own perfect Being-ness and march on.  The red ribbon may be a foot away or still unseen around the bend.  Again, it doesn’t matter.  Just be true to your own expressions and compassion.  Once again find that pure essence of yourself that may have been lost in the mudslide of dogma and philosophy.  Allow your personal Light to shine in whatever expression it chooses to do so.  And remember that all is well…


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