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It sneaked up on us a day earlier than usual this year, but it’s a lovely day here in Edmonton to celebrate the Summer Solstice.  It’s a time of sowing seeds and nurturing them, allowing them to grow and become abundant.  And in this time of abundant creativity, there is also a time for a great resetting of ourselves.

There has been much talk, many channels and lots of discussion around how our bodies, minds and emotions are getting a great overhaul, a reset, or as Kryon calls it a recalibration.  Even our DNA is resetting as I write these words and you are reading them.  We as a human species are in this very moment undergoing a special transformation.  We are welcoming our new bodies of Light and Spirit.

What does this mean?  It means that as we reset we may lose things we thought were “us”, the very fabric of who we thought we were.  We are in the process of letting go of belief systems that were set into place long ago by others, by our personal experiences, by the lessons of the past.  These beliefs that are holding us back are now being stripped away.  It can be a simple process, but the harder we hold on to these accepted ideas, the more difficult the cleanse will be.  After all, we can be a very stubborn race.  Some may be rolling their eyes and saying, again?  Yes, we will be cleansing and resetting until we are living our true essence in each and every moment.

It may not feel very spiritual at the outset, but the physical body is a very sacred part of us, and not separate form this great resetting.  It’s the body we chose to experience this time in Earth’s history, to be a part of the great moment of humanity’s awakening.  Bless this body of yours.

Over the last few years I have come to effort with, mistrust, doubt, trust again, like and finally love my own body.  Have you gone through a similar journey recently?  My body is not responding to what it used to through diet.  And I’ve changed it several times, as many of you know.  I had much success with the Blood Type diet in the past, but it did not work now.  I have tried raw foods, and gained weight.  Sure, the detoxes work in a mild remembrance of a great cleanse, but then as soon as I’m done I bloat and feel gross again.  And I finally got it.  My body isn’t simply rebelling on me.  It’s resetting itself.

We were out shopping for clothing at Good Will last weekend.  As my daughter was trying on some last minute clothes, I sauntered over to the book area just to see what they had.  I found a book called Master Your Metabolism by Jillian Michaels and felt a connection with it.  So I bought it.  I haven’t finished reading it yet, in fact I’m just done the first chapter.  Jillian she shares her own experiences, her love/hate relationship with food and exercise, and she is a real inspiration in the way she writes and you can feel her passion for this subject.  She really wants to help others.  But what really caught my attention was her promise to show me how to reset my body’s metabolism.  And I choose to be an active player in this resetting, pure, simple and effortless.  I know my body will no doubt take on its own direction but this is a starting point for me.

This year is all about resetting so I can go forward in abundance and bring into my life that which I consciously choose from a place of passion and love.  And this will come only through the release of the old and resetting the “programs” with the new.  No matter what the reset looks and feels like, or where the assistance comes from, it’s a gift I give myself.  I look forward to the new me.  Will you join me in this inward and outward journey?

You deserve the abundance that’s already within you.  You deserve to live the life of health, wealth and grace in every way.  Celebrate this Solstice with a gift to yourself.  Be present and consciously work with the resetting of your self, planting of a new you.  Nurture that new you with Love and allowance, beauty in all forms, laughter and Light.  And get ready for some new and fantastic abundance.


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