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It’s time to check in with the body.  How are you doing?  How are you handling the new energies?  I invite you to take in a good grounding breath right now and feel into your muscles, skin, arms, toes, organs – your whole body.  How are you feeling in this moment?

I’ve been on a fantastically amazing and completely frustrating journey with my body.  Amazing because no matter what I do with my food intake I fall steps behind where I was before, where I’d like to be now.  Frustrating because whether I eat “good” or “bad”, or exercise or sleep or do nothing at all, my body is not treating me well.

So what am I experience?  Yes, the usual aches and pains, occasional dizziness still, and fatigue.  All this comes and goes as it will.  But what’s new in the last few months is what I would call bloating or swelling up.  It feels like I’m expanding so much and so fast on the inside that my skin is stretching and about to burst open, explode.  It’s not a good feeling.  I feel like an old woman with edema, prickly skin and stiffness all over.

I just attended a Gaia workshop (through Pepper Lewis) on Relationships.  All relationships. That includes the relationship with one’s body.  There was a fellow that asked a question of Gaia about his body.  He was experiencing bloating and swelling.  Gaia wasn’t gentle with him.  I love they way she cuts to our core issues.  He was more in his head than in his body.  His focus was on herbal supplements and other things he has learned as a healer, but Gaia kept directing him to getting out of his mental distractions.  Get back to the body.

This, obviously, got me thinking about my own situation.  True, distractions have certainly been entertaining me lately.  There has been a rush of activity and things to deal with in our family.  But this is the insight my soul was bringing me to…

Back in March on Kaua’i, Adamus brought us all to the threshold of choice.  Will you stay or will you go.  The topic was ascension through death or ascension in the body.  I had made my choice long before that, and re-established it then and there.  I choose to stay.  So much has indeed changed since we were born into this lifetime.  In fact, as the original plan went we were to have already destroyed ourselves.  So now I choose to stay and see where it all leads.  I choose to stay and work with the new energies, creating what I want to consciously.  I choose to stay and enjoy life here in a way that was impossible even ten years ago.  I choose to stay…

But in that choosing I left something out.  I was coming from a place beyond my 3D expression, from my soul or spirit being.  I had forgotten my body.  I didn’t think I did.  In fact, I have been trying to figure out what foods it is wanting, giving it rest when I’m ready to keel over in exhaustion, and gentle activity when I feel up to it.  And still I am tired.  Still I have no energy.  Still I bloat and feel less than healthy.  There is a missing connection, and I believe I forgot to invite my body along for this ride.  And it’s been trying to get my attention.  Well I’m listening now.

Earlier during the day yesterday, Gaia said that bloating is caused by a misalignment of the body through lack of hydration, eating processed foods, or the lack of sleep.  I would add that misalignment is caused by our preference for one of our bodies over another.  If you have been on a similar path to mine for long, awakening to our true essence has been on the forefront of focus.  Ascending.  Attaining enlightenment.  Becoming aware of our spiritual part.  You may have your own description for it, but I believe one side effect of this is that we may forget the partnering or relationship to our bodies in the process.  And simply take them for granted.  It’s one of our aspects, and if it’s forgotten or ignored or otherwise abused it will act out in some way.

And this may be a way to cope with the changes that our physical bodies are going through at the moment.  Mine is telling me that it’s time to reconnect again.

I don’t have any exact answers.  This is so very fresh and new.  There are moments I remember the body and spend time with it, and I feel whole and connect.  But I now choose to be present all the time.  We walk around using the auto functioning capability of the body and don’t give it a second thought.  We know it will walk to the car when we want to go for a drive, digest our food when we have a meal.  We even know it will see the walls of our bedroom when we open our eyes in the morning.  We take these actions for granted.  We aren’t a conscious part of such activities.  And sure, we don’t need to be as our bodies have been programmed to operate in such a way that our hearts keep pumping and our lungs keep taking in air.  But this is a most basic way of surviving today.  There is so much more I believe, a deeper way to experience this life we have chosen to live.

What if we chose to be present with our every breath?  Feeling that air enter and exit our chest, feeling the energy flow into every part of our bodies time and time again?  What if we became the essence of the food we ingest with every bite, and feel our own energy merge inside as the nutrients are accepted and put to optimum use?  What if we focused on our skin, magnifying the senses, as we step into the shower and feel, with every drop, the opening up to refreshment, warmth and relaxation?  What if this kind of presence awareness was a continual experience?  Feeling each tap on the fingertips as you type on the keyboard, allowing thoughts and feelings to flow into your words.  Or touching the soft and supple flesh on your belly and know your own innocence as you continue this journey in trust and complete love.

What if these experiences weren’t only once in a while?  What if this was the way we experienced life every moment of every day?  How would that effect you?  How would that reflect in your relationship with your Self?  Can we even imagine the sweet union between our whole beingness?

So now that we’ve chosen to stay here and express our Love and Light in every experience, we need to be in our bodies!  Walking around half-numbed to the world may be a great way to ignore the sensitivities we are developing, but it’s doing little in the way of integrating all that we are.  Our bodies are here to serve us in this journey.  Without them we could not experience this life.

Each morning I will be challenging myself to express my inbodied ascension in a new way.  Each morning I will take the time to see my body, feel it, and appreciate it.  Each day I will enter into a new standard of relationship with my body.  I am sure this partnership will take on a different look at any moment, and I will nurture this new energy dance with my body moment by moment.  What I know is that I’m grateful that my body loves me enough to get my attention.  From here we’ll take the journey together in a conscious trust and love.


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