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As many of you know, I just returned from another wonderful journey to Kaua’i. This trip was sprung on me at the last moment. You may recall that I enjoyed my first visit to the Garden Isle last October for my brother’s wedding. It was a new beginning for him and his wife. This time it was my new beginning.

As I said, the trip came upon me very quickly, and suddenly I was in the middle of a flurry: registering for the Advanced SES workshop, finding hotels, car rentals, etc. I kept saying to myself (and to others) that my husband, Corey, created this. I was only tagging along for the ride. After all, last October I was in a very real peace about not needing to be at the ASES. I even left a card for Geoff and Linda Hoppe (the teachers) that my heart and energy would be present for the school though I would not be there. HA! Seems the joke was on me. Corey did indeed create this little wonder, and we were on our way back to the Island.

But lots had changed for me since October. 2012 has been a year of “new” for me so far. And by new I mean birthing the new. In February I became an Adoula. That was a very exciting weekend for me. It’s not new to my Being, so the spiritual birthing work was quite comfortable for me to walk into. And it seems I may even have a couple of clients ready to go soon.

For most of this year, my dreams have been about being pregnant, of babies, of birthing. Of course, it’s not all about birthing babies, but rather birthing a new ME. So as I was walking down this quick-paced journey of setting things in place for our Kaua’I trip, I understood at a deep level that this was about me, and the new me I was bringing in. And it had nothing at all to do with Adamus speaking to me, winking and saying that there is something waiting for me on Kaua’i (why did that concern me?) Oh, and did I mention that he told me I was stubborn and had a thick head when I asked why I couldn’t accept that I had co-created this trip with Corey?

The island herself welcomed me back, asking me why I was there again. At first I answered that I didn’t know. But honesty won out and I had to admit that I was here for the birthing of something new and wonderful in my life. I knew that I had already chosen to remain here, on Earth that is. To do what? That’s the puzzle piece I didn’t have. I was there at that moment in time to reconnect with me. To reconnect with my passion. And I was choosing to birth this into my life now. I AM ready!

The energies of Kaua’i are all about birthing. You may be aware that the Garden Island is the place where we first came in to be birthed on Earth. When you visit the Waimea Canyon and breathe in its energy, you can’t help but connect to that ancient and vital essence that you are. Corey and I were blessed to fly over the island by helicopter. I was overcome with joy when we flew into the crater of Wai’ale’ale. It was raining and the waterfalls were plentiful. And I felt the energy of Gaia as well as the birthing of the new in all of us. Breathing in that experience was a profound moment for me. Could be the rain or it could be the emotion that disabled me from taking pictures in the crater. It was a sacred moment for me, to remember in my heart.

Also, along with this rebirthing I confirmed in my soul that I am here, and choose to remain here. I choose to play (a great reminder form the spinner dolphins that entertained us so well). I choose be in service in Love and Compassion to others as they begin their awakening. I choose to come out of hiding completely and be real – first in my own eyes, and then toward others. Oh yes, this has been my motto for a number of years now, but the desire to stand up gets stronger and stronger. I just don’t always know where I should be standing. And that’s the rebirthing that I am currently working with.

So as the ASES came to a close and our “vacation” part of the trip began I found myself looking forward to the lomilomi massage we had also booked before leaving home. I really didn’t know what I was in for. I knew what to expect from the treatment itself, but I wasn’t prepared for how I’d be affected. It caused me to be even more honest with myself, as I stripped down to my bare essentials. And I do mean bare. It was a moment of trusting myself (another thing I flew to Kaua’i with in my heart, trusting my body) and trusting the energies to serve me. And I soaked it in. What a beautiful time of integrating with my own love for me.

And something I truly didn’t expect was to open up to a potential. I’ve played the part of an energy massage therapist before but lost the passion, and left the field. But this lomilomi is a massage on another level. It completely integrates the physical body, the emotional body and the soul/spiritual body. And it’s all done through the loving touch and sound. What a blessing. And I know who I am. I can only imaging working with people who are just beginning to open up to their divinity and how this massage could touch them. What a blessing that would be. I don’t know if lomi is in my future, but truly it is a part of my opening the door to more of ME.

What I also realize is that these energy movements and rebirthing aren’t only happening on Kaua’i. It doesn’t only belong to those in attendance at the ASES. Anyone who is tuning in to their personal “next step” is being asked What do you choose now? If we are truly choosing to remain here, what will we birth in our lives now? What will the new “us” look like energetically? There are many potentials ready to serve us, but we must first make a choice. And that initial choice my simply be to stop hiding. We all have our own special choices to make in this journey. Perhaps yours is to truly fall in love with your Self. Or to completely trust your Self alone, and not rely on others or other energies. Or it can be a combination of these and more. Choice is truly a beautiful creation.

So looking back through the past couple weeks, I see another side of my Creatorship, one that co-creates. I open and walk through the door of accepting my part of this. I also see me as a beautiful Human Angel, who consciously chooses to remain here. I choose to step out in areas that I am passionately drawn to, and dive in. I did that once, and it brought me back to Alberta, a move that has brought many unforeseen blessings. I am ready to dive again, and see where it takes me.

Birthing this new ME can be scary because it’s like building the bridge as I’m walking over it, over an abyss that hides everything in darkness. The only difference now is I know my Light, and it will illuminate all potentials with Love and Passion. I’m ready for this rebirthing, the birthing of a new me and a new way of relating to myself.


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