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It’s All About to Change

I’m about to step out on another new adventure. It’s exciting, and it’s tickles my spirit. Ever felt like that? I am back in the Okanagan for a course that I have wanted to take for a while. I have also included some time with some friends and time for me. In fact, this entire time is invested in me.

This is the time now to endulge, not because it’s 2012, not because of all the new potentials that are opening up to us, not because of solar flares and earth changes. It’s time now because we are here. And it’s not a selfish or self-absorbed activity. I bet you are more comfortable with taking care of others and their needs with little or no time left for you. Then this reminder is especially applicable. When you are taking care of you and your every need, whim and desire, you are saying to the world at large that you love your self. And they can open up to loving themsevles too through your example, through the joy you are experiencing. And this will give way to a wave of love that flows all around our globe. Who knows where this love can take us!This is the time now to invest. Not in the stocks, or realty, or even in gold. Unless, of course, you resonate with that. But beyond this, and more importantly, it’s time to invest in yourself.

What does that mean? Follow your passions. Forget your normal routine this weekend. Ask yourself in every moment what you would choose to do, and follow your soul’s impulses. Take the right instead of left and see where you end up. What if your partner, kids, or friends, don’t want to join you? Great. It may be time to experiences things on your own again, and remember who you are through these experiences.

We are sovereign souls living out experiences in the human body, but we are not our bodies. We’ve all heard this over and over. It’s time we listened. As a soul without human bonds, what would you do? Why should it be any different while in the body? Aside, of course, from the physicals law we’ve agreed to live with for a while, like gravity. Yet, even that can be overcome if you choose. Hop a plane and fly somewhere. Bungy jump. Bounce on a trampoline. Ride a roller coaster. Shapeshift while breathing/meditating. Just make a choice of what you want to do different, in a new way.

Of course, these are all on a mundane and ordinary level. Say you want to try your hand at writing, or painting, channeling, anything creative you’ve never tried yet. This is your weekend to begin a new way of being, a doorway to a new you. Take the plunge and enjoy.

We’re birthing new versions of ourselves. How do we become something new? How do we leave what we were and become what we choose? It’s through the experience. Just get moving…this weekend has powerful potential for seeing this shift happen in our lives. Ready to dive in? One…Two…Three… Here we go!


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