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The message is the same no matter who is saying it or who is listening.  2012, the Year of the Dragon, is the year for making choices.

Many things that have been hidden for years, centuries or even eons will now begin to be revealed.  This is on many levels.

Globally, governments will have no option but to face the past and present, and be honest with themselves and the public – or be replaced.  Churches and religious leaders will be held accountable like never before.  The education system will have to start opening to the heart of learning, or be brought to its knee in order for a new system to come in.   How’s that just for starters?

In my Google search for 2012, I came across some info that peaked my interest.

“In Chinese astrology the dragon was seen as a powerful almighty king because it was made up of different parts of animals such as a tiger, fish, snake and an eagle.”  (http://www.about-sichuan-china.com/year-of-the-dragon.html)

I found this intriguing as the bird, feline, reptilian and even aquatic DNA went into the creation of the Human.  They were our Star Parents if you will.  There are many legends from aboriginal peoples all over the world that tell us this same thing.  There are also many channels, including from the Kryon, Gaia (through Pepper Lewis), and indirectly through Jaleila Starr, who tell us similar global histories.  No matter what the exact memories or details are, what is interesting here is that this huge bit of our history has been suppressed.  And it’s rising to the surface to be re-membered at this time.  The year of the Dragon seems to me like a superb year to remember where we, as Humans, came from and Who We Are.  What a potential!  Of course, we have the choice to consider this or to toss it away.

On a more personal level, the same honest soul searching will be done.  Things we’ve hidden from others and ourselves may rise to the surface to be seen.  Hurts and offenses from our past may come to haunt us.  Family members may bring things up we had hoped were forgotten.  But this is all because we have planned it this way.  It is the year for choice, first and foremost.  And with all this being brought up, we are now opening this gift of awakening.  What, out of all the potentials possible, will we choose to bring in to our reality?  What will we do with these truths that are being unveiled?

Adamus said it beautifully at the last shoud.  To paraphrase, we will become masters with choosing potentials this year.  We may take the trial-and-error scenic view route before we nail this choosing ability, but we have been given a very fertile playground with all sorts of potentials to choose from.  Remember, there is no right or wrong in our choices.

There will be many situations that come into our lives.  Some will be personal.  Some will be outside our small world of influence.  All will have the potential to effects us in either positive or negative ways.  Better stated, some will serve to realign us to our True Essence, others to pull us into despair, even temporarily.  The direction we take is dependent on our choices in each moment.

Even if the latter is the case, at any moment we can choose the other road – the road, or potential, that will take us to greater alignment with our Spirit.  And how do we know the way?  By feeling into each potential.  See yourself in each choice you can make.  Does it bring you joy and peace?  Would it bring you into a deeper awareness of your Self?  Is there a greater connection with the world, the universe, Creation?  Then this would be a good road sign.

I realize the theme of this blog is very similar to my last one, but we WILL be presented with the choice of potentials over and over again this year.  And we WILL master choosing the potentials that best serve us and our Soul, sooner or later.  There may be much in our lives that will invite doubt and self-blame, and even cause us to desire death over staying here.  But know this:  We didn’t come here at this time in particular by accident!

This is our time to shine our Light both within us and without.  Shine the joy in our hearts.  Shine the love in our Souls.  Shine the humour, creativity and limitlessness that We Are.  And when we bring in all these potentials, any choice we make will be of our sweet divinity.  We Are the Masters!


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Now that we’ve stepped fully into 2012, we are being blasted with New Year’s resolutions at every turn.  Did you sit down and do your due diligence?  Well, if you’re like me, you’ve let go of these long ago.  However, I do want to pose a question to you:

What message are you really sending out for the Universe to hear?

Oh yes.  There are many things we want to see in our lives, many new adventures, people and resources we would like to attract.  And truly, all energy is here for us.  It’s ready and just waiting for the cue from us in how it can assist us best.

And that’s where perhaps we trip up.  You see, we can be giving a lot of different messages at once, with conflicting desires.  How does the Universe know which of these indications to listen to?  It will feel your message.  It will feel into the energy you put into your desires. Universal energy will serve the strongest messages we send out.

Let’s say you wake up one morning with a feeling of joy and excitement.  You hear that the lottery is $10M today.  Oh, that would bring you even more joy, and you could share it with others.  Good message to be sending out, right?  You even follow through on that desire by purchasing a ticket, or two, and breatheß into the experience of winning, welcoming in that exuberance of reading all your numbers as they’re drawn.  Wow.  What a moment!  And then you go on your merry way.

You find yourself at Walmart to pick up a few things.  There’s the meat aisle.  You need something for dinner tonight.  Hamburger is less expensive than steak so chili’s on the menu.  Even though the Christmas rush is over, the girl at the check-out asks if you’d like to donate to a children’s fund.  You think about the change in your wallet that you’ll need for your coffee later and decline.  After you make your credit card purchase, you get in your car and think about that lovely top you saw at the mall.  Should you pick it up?  You did get a bit of money for Christmas.  And you really like it.  But the money could be used in a better way, so you drive right past the mall and go home.

So what messages have you been sending out?  There have been a number of them and with confusing energies.  Do you want to be prosperous?  Or do you enjoy your lack?  The Universe is ready to assist in bringing you what you truly desire.  Yet, the energies that have been strongest are possibly not what you really want.  Be sure that the Universe will answer.

How do change your messages so they are aligned with each other?

Yes, that’s another great question.  And it’s something I know you and I can both master this year.  Sending out clear intents and messages.  Becoming the alchemists that we are and creating/attracting what we truly want to enjoy and choose to experience.  It’s possible.  It’s our heritage as we’re also part of the Creator essence.  Ready?

There is no one way to accomplish this.  But using some simple tools will certainly help us in sending out clear messages.  The simplest way is what I will share.  We already know it, but sometimes it’s good to re-remember it.

Breathe into YOU.  Breathe into your centre and ground in the highest-essence-of-who-you-are.  Be in your place of knowing, and feel the joy and elation of this space.  Your space.  Spend as much time here as you desire and as often as you like.  It’s a wonderful place to be.

Allow this feeling to expand and touch every part of you; body, mind, soul, and beyond into Creation.  Allow the joy and love to flow and mingle, energy with energy.

Be in this energy of completeness.  Be in this energy of fullness.  There is nothing that you lack when you connect with your full consciousness.  You have access to everything – wisdom, answers, resources.  It’s all yours.  But when you’re in this place of Wholeness, all else will all seem secondary.  For your very real connection with All-That-Is in this moment goes so far beyond the simple-ness of human life.  It’s the difference between being an eagle sitting at the top of a tree wanting to join the others soaring in the air, and being in the air, feeling the wind rippling your feathers and looking down at the earth with full vision.

It’s easy to be in this place when we take the time to breathe and soar.  But when we’re shopping for meat or taking out the garbage, we can also be soaring.  It’s a choice.  It’s being in the moment of that completeness and joy and love all the time.  And as with all things, it gets easier with time and practice.

You will soon find that you are always in this Being-ness, your every thought composed of this grander, expanded spirit.  And should you realize at some point that you’re putting out a message that doesn’t feel joyful or in your truth, you have the power to change it.  Go back to the breath.  Infuse it with your true essence.  Change the energy of your message.  Simple.

Let’s make this year the turning point of our creativity.  Let’s alchemize our potential and Be our Joy.  Let’s bring in the life and experiences that we really want to see by unifying the messages we send out in the message of our authentic selves.  From here we can manifest anything.  Anything!

Here’s to a super fantastic 2012!

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