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I’ve just come back from Egypt.  That’s right, I had a very quick journey into Egypt, at least vicariously through the recent Crimson Circle group that enjoyed a very real trip there the past November.

While listening to the first few recorded channels presented by Geoff Hoppe, several things have popped out at me.  The first came yesterday while I was at West Edmonton Mall…on Boxing Day.  I know, I know.  It was an insane choice to go to such a place with such a mix of energies on such a chaotic shopping day.  Haha  But you know what?  I received such a blessing there.

I was waiting in line at a Starbucks to order a couple drinks.  (May as well enjoy them fully now as the new year is bringing along a time of detoxing.)  The line is well into the sitting area and growing quickly behind me.  The store it was partnered with, Chapters, is bustling with shoppers looking for book sales.  And the barristas are a group whirling dervishes mixing up Frappuccinos and brewing espresso.  Madness of the moment whirled all around me, and I even witnessed a theft of some bottled water.

Then all of a sudden, as I’m looking into the eyes of those nearby, I am hit with the sudden remembrance that they are gods also, that they are among the first of their angelic family groups to come to this playground called Earth.  They, too, are hiding their true divine identities, just as I am, in a human costume.

The moment was surreal and I was overcome with emotion, blinking back the tears quickly so no one noticed.  Once my composure was regained, I was struck by the honor I felt to share and experience this space, this moment, with all these other Human Angels, even if they themselves didn’t remember any of their divine heritage.  And I started crying again.

Blink.  Blink.  Ahhhh.  It was a moment that caught me off guard again while walking through the crowded mall.  But it wasn’t until today that I understood just what was happening.

So back to today, I’m listening to Adamus talk about Chemia – the alchemy of consciousness.  I instantly recognized that I had experienced a connection with my higher consciousness while at the mall, and that of every other shopper and coffee lover, and that my divine self was connecting with my humanness.  The divine marriage of the soul, if you will.

Those who travelled to Egypt this past November enjoyed participating in Adamus’ Theatre.  The “volunteers” played two very real parts, half playing the lower consciousness human, and half portraying our “higher” Angelic essence (and elevated to the stage above the other players to show it).  In the end, the two were reunited, and that is where I was standing in my awareness in the Starbucks line, experiencing this divine connection and world view.

Which brings me to the second revelation from the Egypt channels so far.  Adamus spoke about Set.  Throughout history this entity has also been known as Seth, Setekh, Sut, Sutekh, Sety, and not surprisingly, more contemporarily as Satan.  Set was a pre-dynastic Egyptian god and personified the discord, confusion, and chaos of life.

We all have created our own Set, with its threatening, accusing and menacing ways.  I can certainly attest to experiencing Set’s presence.  I’ve gone through bouts of extreme anger after a lifetime of suppressing it.  I’ve even come to a place where I am fully aware of the process of sliding into anger (or doubt, fear, fill-in-the-blank), why I’m sliding there in the first place, and the complete numbness and apathy, without desire to get myself out of the funk.  It was like experiencing two complete and solid parts of myself, yin and yang, my inner Set and my little Human of limitation, and simply observing who would win as if on Adamus’ stage.

In the next play at Adamus’ Theatre these two aspects were addressed, and I finally understood their connection, and saw them within my own life in yet a new way.  And the amazing thing is I knew that it was time to release them both.  I created and attracted them into my life for the purpose of bringing me to the place where I remembered my grandness, in a metaphysical sense.  Though I’m still growing into this grandness (or rather the experiential understanding of it), I accept that the duty these two aspects played is complete.  And I have know released them.

These two areas of my life have been biggies as I have been fighting my Self these last few years.  But again, it’s been for a purpose, and with great rewards.

As we continue walking the path and turn the corner into 2012, I am actually looking forward to whatever is coming.  I know it’s all coming in response to the shifts I’ve made, and will continue to make.

And each one on this Human Angel journey (that’s all of us) are  turning this corner together, each at our own perfect pace.  Trust that you are where you are in perfection.  You are not missing anything.  Every tool and understanding you need will be there when you require it.  Trust this and have faith – in You.  Every one of us is Divine and we are all releasing parts of ourselves that have served their purpose.

My guidance to all of us as we enter this new fantastic year is this:


  • Allow your physical and spiritual eyes to awaken in a new way, to perceive yourselves and the world from a new perspective of Love and Acceptance.
  • Allow yourself to experience everything that life brings your way.  No matter what it looks like on the cover, the pages of the book will read great blessings for you and your loved ones when read in the Light.
  • Follow whatever is in your heart.  Be true to your inner Heart and live your life authentically.  In other words, dance to your own drumbeat – you are unique and beautiful.  Trust it.  Be You.
  • And finally, remember that everything is in perfection around you.  It may look like utter chaos, still, but it is a divine order behind the scenes that calls the shots.

Blessings you all with a 2012 to remember, full of gifts both subtle and titanic, and a sweet remembrance of your connection with All That Is.  With much love…





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