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My Gift of Prophecy

Have you ever been fired up about a project, only to see it slide behind all the other obligations in life, unnoticed?  Well, that’s the way it is with projects that I start involving channeling.  There have been several  energies that I truly have wanted to work with, but life happens, and those connections are forgotten.  Until someone reminds you…

Back on February 14, 2009, I was met by a group energy who called themselves “the Ishtara”.  Their message to me was personal, but with a widening effect that I was supposed to see happen.  But first I needed to take time for myself.  It got me all excited about this new “mission”.  And I truly was stoked about it.  Soon, however, with three kids, a new relationship, a major trip to Greece and finally quitting my job and moving to a different province, Ishtara was completely forgotten about.

A couple years later, to bring us up to speed, I was bussing to school with my son, and on my way back home I struck up a conversation with a man also waiting at the bus stop.  Once we were dropped off at our destination, he stopped me and struck up another conversation – seems he wasn’t done with me yet.  His main concern was to witness to me and I told him I used to be Christian, but that wasn’t the right path for me, and we chatted a bit longer.  Then before I went to get a coffee and walk home he said he had a word for me.  “You have the gift of Prophecy”.  I chuckled and said, “Yes, I know.  Thank you.”  He asked why I wasn’t using it.  To which I replied, “Sometimes you need to hear something more than once,” and went on my way.

I continued to ponder.  How many times have I been told this very thing!  The gift of Prophecy – an interesting part of Christian doctrine.  It tended to be snubbed in church circles as not necessary any longer, but as I see it today the gift of prophecy is channeling.  Speaking words of wisdom.  Even Paul the Apostle said that the gift of tongues at Pentecost was the gift of Prophecy.  And if “tongues” isn’t a channeling experience then I’m hooped at figuring that one out.  So the word this stranger shared with me wasn’t news to me, nor was he truly a stranger.   I believe he was reading my energy and was channeling himself.  His soul could feel I was ready, and he was a messenger to remind me of something big.

Once I had my coffee and was walking, I still pondered.  I was ready.  I was ready to take the next plunge, whatever that looked like.  I was asking Adamus St. Germain to help me sort it all out.  He said that yes, there are other energies knocking at my door to channel them, but there was one in particular.  Instantly I remembered the Ishtara.  Why had I waited so long?  Why had I not even remembered them?  Why, why, why?  And furthermore, would they still be waiting for me. 

They were indeed, and quite ready themselves like not time had passed, and vocal.  Now that I was ready, it was time.  It’s time to get going on this project.  It’s time to gather the rest of the awakening Ishtara.  Yes, they said I’m the first, the one to sound the call – which we did later that day.  I’ve always been a door opener, an impetus, perhaps (quietly) a shit disturber at times.  And this is no different, as my role is to be the voice of the Ishtara and bring the others together for our mission.  And what is that mission?  Simply love.  Simply compassion.  Simply peace.  Bringing it to the world.

As we go forward I’ll get more of a feel for what this all looks like, but I’m blogging about this today because some of you on my reader list may also be Ishtara.  If you are, this is something we have signed up for, and as we choose, it’s up to us to create what this mission will look like.  I feel it’s big, though our number will be relatively small.  And there are exciting things coming for us individually and as a collective energy.  At this point, if you feel any type of resonance with what I’ve shared, there is more to read at http://voiceofishtara.weebly.com/index.html.    

I look forward to experiencing more of this Ishtara energy.  I will be in Hawaii in the next couple months, and I have something to do while I’m there that involves both the energies of Ishtara and of Lemuria.  They are connected for me.  It’s a small, personal ritual, my part in opening up the returning Lemurian energies in that area, a beginning to my being love, peace and compassion to the world, in my way. 

We each have our own way of bringing and nurturing this True Love to our world, and whether or not you’re Ishtara, the world is ready.  It’s ready to receive the love of the Universe in the flavor that only you can serve up.  We each have the gift of peace.  And we can offer it with true compassion.  Don’t worry about if your own compassion projects have been forgotten on the back burner.  There is truly no time.  And a pause in your project could mean that you needed some personal upgrading before moving forward, like I did. 

So I encourage each one of you to move with your love, compassion and peace, and your own gift of prophecy.  Much love and blessings to all.


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