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I took out my wallet and gave it a good shake this morning.  What was that I heard?  Change!  OMG  I love plays on words!  And I hadn’t thought of this one until today.  I have lots and LOTS of change in my purse.  But let’s change that and bring in the bills as well!!! 

Yesterday I was introduced, via the internet, to a fascinating woman named Inelia Benz.  I’ll allow you to discover who she is and what she is doing for our world on your own.  But I will share a bit of one virtual moment I spent with her.

Inelia has noticed, as I’m sure all of us have as well, that Lightworkers and others going through their awakening typically don’t have a lot of money.  We just don’t allow its flow into our reality for some reason.   I agree with Inelia that the why’s and how come’s of this characteristic are not important.  But she offers a little meditation to help unlock that blocked flow in our lives.   You can find this meditation on her website in the “Ascension Tools” section.

Inelia shared that money can be considered an elemental.  Yes, that felt so right in my spirit.  It absolutely is an Earth elemental.  The more I considered this, the stronger the understanding became.  We require money as an exchange for, well, almost everything in our lives.  Unless you live in a country where you grow or hunt all your food, and the other services are all done by trading, you understand what it’s like to live relying on this element of money.  We give this amount of money for that product, exchange that service for this much money.  It’s all an act of ex-change (another pun).

If we take a look at the workings of Mother Earth we can see this happening all around us.  The trees take our offering of carbon dioxide and give to us the precious element of oxygen.  The bees dance around blossoms and dip into the nectar in order to make honey.  In turn the bees allow pollen from the blossoms to tag a ride to the next flower for pollination, thus allowing new growth and abundance of those plants.  And for one final example of many, all creatures in the wild, large and small, live fully trusting in the splendours of what Gaia offers them to survive and thrive.  But once they die their bodies decompose and again become nutrients for the Earth itself, to grow new food to nurture more creatures.  

It’s easy to recognize money now as an elemental energy.  It is necessary in our lives.  Yet most of us only allow just enough to come in to our reality to get by.  That’s not exactly living abundantly. 

I remember when I was about four or five years old, I found a large bill in a puddle in our neighborhood.  It may have been a $50 or $100 bill.  I was really excited!  I remember running home to show my Mom, but I can’t say what happened after that.  It is rather probable that the money I had found was taken away from me.  Now, whether it was used to feed me or set aside for my bank account I couldn’t say.  All I knew in that moment, and remember to this day, is that it was mine and it was taken away from me.  So, here I am growing up, walking through life, working for this boss, at that job, and finally no job.  And all along I have this believe that what money I do allow to enter into my life will be taken away – all of it. Some to utility bills, food, fuel for the van, school fees, etc.  The list goes on and on.  But the foundational belief there will be nothing left for me is strong.  And I’ve created it over and over again in my life.

Today I let go of that belief.  It is no longer mine.  The belief about the element of money that I have replaced it with is that money is a friend.  It is a good friend, helping me achieve what I choose to bring into my life.  All of it.  And in that, like all true friendships, the flow of love has no limit.  And I choose to allow this flow, and consciously welcome this change.   

P.S.  You can find Inelia’s website at www.ascension101.com.


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The only constant in life


Who among us has never heard this or a similar phrase at some point in our lives?  Who among us has not felt the sting of this truth?  And who among us has known its beauty and promise?

Our lives are filled with situations that seem to be thrown at us, and we are tipped off kilter.  Perhaps we stumble for a brief moment.  Maybe it brings a shift we experience for the rest of our lives.  There is change all around us.  The most vivid shows of such change are the recent earthquakes and tsunamis, and people rising up against leaders they will no longer tolerate.  There is an on-going change within us at such a basic level we probably aren’t even aware it’s taking place.  Even on a cellular level, which we don’t feel, we are becoming new bodies all the time.  Our cells die off and new cells are created.  Change is a state of our Being.  On another little-known level we are making great strides and shifts in our Divinity as we integrate fully.  We are becoming who we truly are.

All change is beneficial.  Even when life seems to stand still, there is a great whirling of energies in the background making waves that will eventually manifest in our physical reality.  We are truly never sitting stagnant.  When we can see the gift in change, no matter how traumatic it may first appear to us, we can accomplish much expansion and understanding of who we really are. 

The changes that we see in our own lives come to us only through choice.  There are no victims in life, only Creators.  On some level, whether conscious or unconscious, we have chosen these changes.  It was only in February 2009, Valentine’s Day in fact, that I finally made the choice to be in a healthy, truly loving relationship.  There was no other agenda than that.  Well, the choice brought about some mighty fast moving energies and by August that same year I was moving to another city to partner with someone.   I loved him like I didn’t know was possible, and he shared that same love with me.  Since that move I have experienced some wild and chaotic energies and encounters!  I had created a major lifestyle change that has affected my body, had a miscarriage that affected me physically and emotionally, welcomed in a period of anger and made peace with that part of myself that I had cut off from my childhood, and opened up my love for not only my own three children, but also my three step-children.  It’s been an amazing ride.  And it was all from my choice.  I am so much more ME because of these experiences. 

The changes that are outside of us, like the natural disasters we hear about on a daily rate now, are also there in our experiences because on a subconscious level we have allow for them.  On a global level we are all changing through these traumatic times.  On an earthly plane they may bring us to another choice of whether or not we get involved by supplying aid or donations. 

Here in Alberta there have been many wild fires popping up all over.  In fact, a few days ago one devastated the town of Slave Lake.  Half the town is gone.  As I feel into this situation I am reminded of the Okanagan Fire I experienced personally back in 2003.  Though my home wasn’t destroyed, we were evacuated, and many peoples’ lives changed drastically that day.  So in these times, our hearts expand and feel for all they are going through.  What can we do?  Donating money and clothing can help tremendously on a physical level, and I will not discourage that if one is able.  But breathing true love and compassion for those who have chosen to experience this directly is the greatest gift now. 

What is this true love and compassion?  It’s recognizing that we are each Angels choosing experiences here on Earth, reminding ourselves who we really Are.  We are pure consciousness.  We choose to go through such dramas and traumas to remember our divine-ness, our connection to the All That Is.  That we are God also.  That is the gift in these experiences.  Allowing each Angel to choose what they will, not jumping in to rescue or save them from their own creations, and blessing them in their choices.  That is true compassion.  Loving them.  Breathing with them.  Grounding the blessed energies with them.  And allowing the full expressions of Who They Are to come to them. 

Don’t forget to have the same ultimate love and compassion for yourself!  When I was awakening my inner anger, I recognized it immediately.  And I chose to experience it.  I even had an inner battle going on between being nice and being angry.  My inner Sehkmet (Goddess of war) won.  From childhood I was trained to be good, kind, gentle, meek.  And truly that is my nature.  But the backlash is that I never knew my inner anger.  Anger is not evil.  Anger can move much energy!  And I allowed it.  I allowed myself to feel into this anger, which kept growing and expanding.  I breathed with it and connected with my anger at a basic level.  At then at one point, I connected with it fully, and it integrated.   Choice is the gift that takes us to another level in our expansion and reconnecting with our Selves.

When we allow ourselves to be the conscious Creators of our experiences, knowing that they bring the precious gift of Mastery of Ourselves, we become so much more than we knew possible.  Change is the constant that brings us these opportunities for further change.  Change is the promise of expansion into our own Oneness, into that which We Are.  I encourage each of us to welcome this change, breathe in the chaos.  And welcome in your expanded Self of perfection.  You are beautiful.

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Hello world!

I am finally stepping into the sunshine.  No more hiding.  No more being quite.  It’s time to share what I have to share. 

And it’s time to connect with YOU!

This is my new blog, and in it I will share parts of my journey, expressions of the changes I am allowing in my experience as I walk this life.  Whether you know you’re on a path of expansion or not, we as a global group of humans are feeling new things, seeing new things, and we maybe aren’t sure what’s going on.  Perhaps we think we’re losing it and keep things to ourselves.  Well I am here to assure you You are not alone!  There is someting spectacular happening to each and every one of us on this planet Earth.  It can tip you off balance if you’re not expecting it, but you are alright.  And there is nothing that you did wrong!  This is all so right.

Trust your Self

Trust the Process

Trust YOU

I invite you to dive into this blog – not just the words, but the energy as well.  There is love here.  This is a safe space where you can rest assured that all is well.  And it’s a home away from home where you can find support and encouragement, and know that you are a precious creator of your life.  There are no mistakes, there are no judgments.  We are on a sacred journey where we shift our consciousness and awareness, which will then shift everything in our lives.  We are Becoming our True Selves.  And it’s a glorious experience.

So come with me on this blogging journey as I share with you my personal experiences.  I trust that you will feel yourself in the messages I share, and trust in your own Expressions of Change.

Breathing in Love and Trust,

Jody Goodman

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